Re: Fuel Pump Leaking

Posted by Jim L. in OR on 2015/9/9 21:19:03
This is an update on the Fuel Pump leaking problem I posted earlier.

I hadn't driven the car for 36 hours and when I checked under the hood I found liquid around the Fuel Pump again. This time though, I noticed something else. In addition to the gas around the pump, the fuel filter bowl just before the carb was half empty! It was full when parked and the pump area dry. There was enough on the rim of the pump today for a taste test and it tastes like what is in the Lawnmower tank.

It looks to me like the gas is being syphoned out of the fuel filter bowl and maybe providing the leak around the pump? I looked at the fuel filter bowl on my '51 200 Deluxe and even though it had been parked longer than the '55 Pat, it was full

Is this just a coincidence or is my guess have some foundation in truth?

Please let me know any thoughts you might about this.


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