Re: Fuel Pump Leaking

Posted by Jim L. in OR on 2015/9/12 20:53:06
Actually, there are two parts to this one.

First, the fuel pump. I haven't gotten much done as temperatures here have been in the mid to upper 90s, again. However, I did check all the connections I could with the pump still on the car and they are all tight. Not with standing, the rim around the pump is full of gas and the car hasn't been driven in 48 hours. Also, the fuel level in the glass filter bowl has been dropping. It was about half full yesterday and today is down to about a quarter of an inch. I know O_D said that there were two check valves in the AC pump that prevent fuel from flowing backwards but I doubt very much if the gas on the rim is coming from the tank.

I think I'm going to modify my plan and wait to see what happens when the fuel filter bowl is dry - probably tomorrow. If the gas on the rim disappears I can only think, given what O_D said, that those two check valves need to be ------ checked!

As for the second part, I'm damned if I can remember what I was going to ask! It looks like my mind is evaporating in the heat along with the gas.

Any comments from you all would be gratefully accepted.

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