Re: How much demand is there for PV8C oil pump adapter kits?

Posted by Allen Kahl on 2008/11/4 9:48:08

I have 2 v-8's that are driven infrequently. while the olds pump conversion sounds like a great idea, I for one would be reluctant to buy one unless I were driving both cars a lot every day. The pumps that are on there now have been adequate for over 89K miles on mine and 65K miles on my wifes car. If the pumps went bad and did not wreck the blocks then I think using the original pumps will do fine for my kind of driving. If it did wreck the blocks, there are enough v-8's around that one could be had cheap enough and rebuilt. For an every day driver or hard driving no question, I would do the conversion. I know that is not particularly what you wanted to hear, but you asked the question and I think you deserved an answer.


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