Re: How much demand is there for PV8C oil pump adapter kits?

Posted by Craig Hendrickson on 2008/11/4 18:08:45

Thanks for your feedback. It's helpful and I take no offense.

I agree that if your engine is OK right now for whatever reason, then there is no reason to buy the oil pump and adapter kit.

However, many of the guys who have bought this kit have stated up front that they currently have ZERO (0) oil pressure at idle when hot and bad multiple lifter clack on a car all the time so that they rarely drive it. So, this kit is putting Packard V-8s back on the road, whereas they would just be garage queens otherwise.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But if it is broke (low/no oil pressure), then this kit fixes it.

Back to the original question: how many V-8s are out there that have this problem and how many owners would spend several hundred dollars for this adapter kit to get their V-8s back on the road?


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