Re: Disassembly of convertible top

Posted by HH56 On 2016/4/29 10:23:41
I am curious where or which one of the hinges breaks and was it a problem on any of the earlier tops. Any chance a photo could be posted. Is it a complex shape or is the part simple enough that it would be a candidate the broken pieces could be glued together for a pattern long enough one of the foundries could do a sandcasting in a stronger metal.

With the sides going up at different rates, are the hoses the same size and length or was there a mismatch that might have developed if one was changed or is there something in the routing like a different type fitting that could cause a restriction on one side. If nothing like that is causing the problem, in pneumatics there were valves where you can restrict or lower pressure to control speed in one direction but they allow free flow in the other direction for the cylinder return.

I worked on medical gear which was pneumatic and cylinders had to get a piece moved in two directions in a synchronized fashion. The valves were used to match speeds. No idea if something like that exists for hydraulics but maybe worth investigating if one side is continually out of sync.

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