Re: Disassembly of convertible top

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2016/4/29 10:49:20
....there seems to be an inherent flaw in the top operating system

I'm a little mystified by this, I run my top up and down 4-6 times a year and have been doing so for 20 years, ditto for my friend also with a '56 convertible and neither of us have experienced anything unusual. Dan Kanter runs the top up and down regularly on his 55 convertible and has not noted any prolems. So on the basis of that small sample I'm not convinced there is an "inherent flaw" but rather some issue with maintenance or repair of the hydraulics or mechanical mechanism. Agreed both sides have to go up/down in exact unison! I've never bled the system, thought never even occurred to me. But I do check the fluid (ATF) every couple of years.

Bob Stolzfus had those aluminum top castings at the Macungie show for quite a few years so it wouldn't appear there was much of a demand for them. I hope he still has them for you.

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