Re: Transmission Swap

Posted by HH56 On 2016/5/11 17:15:13
I remember watching an episode when Coddington's crew installed the Mooneyes Smart Shift unit and thought at the time it was interesting. I looked it up on their website but there was not much info then -- just a few pictures. Doing a web search for the Smart Shift a page still comes up but not much else. Assume it has been discontinued or the download info is not available to the public since the trans ID and shifter download link appears inactive.

Not familiar with the GM encoder units you speak of but encoders need electronics so that might get involved. If the Packard unit will fit over or could be adapted to the GM shaft and the total rotation is roughly the same would think it should be possible to make a new finger block for the different spacing and layout. Mr Pushbutton would be the one to best answer that though.

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