Re: Transmission Swap

Posted by Duane Gunn On 2017/4/13 2:38:43
I have 2 55 Clipper Custom Sedans. One has the Chrysler 727 transmission and one is still has the original Twin Ultramatic. Both are doing fine. I just replaced the flex plate on the Chrysler one after 50,000 miles. The original one I just got and the transmission is doing fine. I would have kept the 1st one original but the transmission mechanic said it would cost the same to convert it as to rebuild the original. He was wrong, but I have been enjoying both cars. I do miss an overdrive, but I enjoy driving either car. I also miss disc brakes, but that is discussed in another thread.
If I had to start over with the first one, I would have had it rebuilt.
I think there is a Packard manual transmission with overdrive that would bolt right up and give good gas mileage, if that is all you are looking for. They are hard to find, but they were built.

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