Re: 700R4 gearshift linkage

Posted by Stewart Ballard On 2016/5/21 18:49:35
Bendtsen sent me those same pics. I even have one of the plates to go between the carb and the intake (to weld the TV cable connector to).

My concern is the small connection part (shown in the image) that needs to be welded to the carb itself. Bob Bendsten warned me to be very careful with that weld due to its location.

For that reason I am considering going with an Edlebrock 1403 carburetor. With that 1403 all the TV cable connections can be easily purchased and attached without any welding at all. They just bolt right on.

This would allow me to save my original carb to use in the future if I want and give me a few modern convinces with the 1403 like an electric chock and easy adjustments.

However, I am still just toying with the idea.

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