Re: 1955 Packard PPG paint colors

Posted by Leeedy on 2017/10/21 13:53:42

WauhopM wrote:
Does anyone out there know where to get the paint
PPG Dal-70580-DQE better known as Sardonyx for a 1955 Packard? I tried my local auto paint supplier and they said they could not get that color from ppg anymore

A good professional auto paint store that supplies auto painters should be able to match anything, especially with computer capabilities today.

As for PPG... they didn't supply this color anyway as far as I know. This is despite the fact that they and other paint companies issued color chip sheets and formula designations. The company that supplied Sardonyx to Packard was Rinshed-Mason... in nitrocellulose lacquer. But again, this makes no difference. A good pro automotive paint supplier shop today ought to be able to match anything.

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