Re: Brake Fluid Reservoir

Posted by Leeedy On 2017/11/6 12:58:48
What you have there is a rare dealer-installed Packard accessory remote safety brake fluid reservoir. Most people who have these cars have never even seen one. So it is certainly a feature that most would never know about... always best to post a photo.

In any event, as originally made, there was a snap-out retainer strap that fit under the glass reservoir jar to prevent unscrewing from vibrations. If your jar is longer, it may be a replacement that someone installed when the original got broken.

Either way... the method for adding fluid with this system is simply to unscrew the jar and add fluid, then reinstall the jar. A whole lot easier than going down to the depths below to unscrew the fitting on the Bendix Treadle-Vac master cylinder and try to see the fluid level... which is what most owners of these cars have to do. And the added bonus is that with the glass jar, you can see at a glance if your fluid is low.

RE: stop light switch replacement... As for bleeding the entire system for a stoplight switch change... not really necessary... as long as you simply unscrew the old switch and immediately screw in the new one... all without anyone touching the brake pedal. I've changed several of them over the years.

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