Re: 1955 packard history

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2017/12/5 12:38:06
I'm not aware of any professional services that can assist you in tracing your car's history, unless there is something out there that I'm not familiar with you're pretty much on your own. First and foremost of course will be the information you received from the party you bought the car from - hopefully they were equally curious and got information from the next prior owner, and so on down the line; don't expect a lot but sometimes you hit paydirt. If you are a member of The Packard Club ( you might want to avail yourself of the appropriate Roster Keeper for your model and year. It's unfortunate that many Packard owners don't belong and/or don't provide their information to the Roster Keepers - but you might get lucky and find some prior history. Also, original factory shipping orders/build slips do exist for some 1955 Packards - it won't give you any ownership history but will identify the dealership or factory branch that the car was delivered to, as well as identify factory options, paint and trim info, etc. Even if you know every state the car was registered in at one time or another, generally state motor vehicle agencies either can't or are unwilling to research a vehicle's history for you.

Good luck with the search - it should be fun. If you want to PM me with your vehicle number, I'll make an inquiry for you to the Packard Club Roster Keeper for the 55 models - he's a good friend and I should be able to get a very quick answer as to whether there is anything in his database. Please also include the "theft-proof" number (the large embossed 6-character item just above the heater box - probably begins with a "C" or "D" + 5 numbers and a triangular bracket at each end.

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