Re: edelbrock carb on 55 clipper

Posted by Ehathaway on 2021/10/26 13:50:33
Circling back with an update- got the new carb on the Clipper last weekend. Went great! All in all, about a 4 hour process for me. Here's a list of how I went about it for anyone that's planning on doing the same:

1. Install mounting plate and gaskets.
2. Mount carb.
3. For electric choke, spliced into the ignition wire. So there's one wire coming off the ignition for the coil and the other to the choke.
4. Hooked up fuel line.
5. Capped passenger side vacuum.
6. Capped PCV valve.
7. Plugged manifold hole that was wired to old choke.
8. Hooked up distributor advance to driver side vacuum.
9. Hooked up power brake vacuum to brake port on rear side of carb.

The car fired right up and sounds great. Will just need to adjust the timing and put some miles on it now.

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