Re: edelbrock carb on 55 clipper

Posted by Ehathaway on 2021/10/27 16:34:12

JWL wrote:
I believe you may have connected the distributor to the manifold vacuum port. You probably want to be on the ported port. Easy enough to check which is which.

As an aside, I have found that in some instances the engine will run smoother and cooler if the distributor vacuum is connected to the manifold port.

With the distributor vacuum line disconnected and plugged, set the timing and engine idle speed and carb mixture to spec. Connect the vacuum line and reset engine idle speed and carb mixture.

This will give you full vacuum advance at idle which will result in a cooler running engine at idle speed. This may also result in a smoother running engine in the transition off of idle.

Worth a try.

Thanks for the info!

I definitely did connect the vacuum line to the manifold port. On the first go, I connected to the "timed vacuum port", but found that the car was running a little funky.

Per the instructions in the carb manual, I checked if my distributor was timed or full. If full, it's recommendation was to hook up the driver side port, which was the manifold vacuum. I did this and noticed that the ride smoothed out.

If interested, here are the instructions that I followed:

"Determine if the distributor vacuum port is timed (no vacuum
at idle) or full (vacuum present at idle). With the engine at
operating temperature and idling, pull the vacuum advance hose
off of the carburetor and “feel” for vacuum by putting your finger
on the vacuum port (See Fig. 2). If
your distributor has timed vacuum
advance, you will hook the vacuum
hose from the distributor to the
passenger side vacuum port on
the new carburetor. If it has full
vacuum advance, it will be hooked
up to the driver side port."

I felt a strong vacuum at idle, so I went with that set up.

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