Re: smoke from one exhaust pipe only

Posted by Leeedy On 2018/8/12 10:25:41

curpack wrote:
Hi there,

I have whitish, grayish smoke comimg out of my left ( driver's side) tailpipe on accelaration only, not while cruising.When cold the tailpipe also spurts out water droplets.The right tailpipe does not smoke and is dry.
The engine is a 374 in a Packard 400.

White "smoke" on acceleration... coming out of left tailpipe only..."spurting water when cold"... nothing likewise happening out of the right-hand tailpipe? This all sounds like a left bank head gasket going or gone bad. Summer is the season for blown head gaskets. If your engine has a weak one, this is most likely time when it will reveal itself.

White-grayish "smoke" out of the exhaust is usually a sign of burning coolant. Even more likely if this is happening under acceleration. And while some cars may have slight condensation emanating out of the tailpipe when cold, the volume of liquid can really be substantial if a head gasket is going bad.

A compression test won't necessarily reveal a lot. But there are testing devices you can hook into your cooling system to determine if exhaust is leaking into it. The coolant won't usually change colors and may appear perfectly normal.

And, you may want to monitor your oil dipstick and watch for a milky yellowish color that often occurs when the gasket is really bad.

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