Torsion Level Suspension 1956 400

Posted by Steve Henderson on 2019/3/5 14:01:42
I bought this 400 last fall knowing that the TL was inoperative, contacted a reputable restoration shop, and was told they would start on the car in January. It's now March and I'm getting nervous. They don't answer my emails. I want to drive the car this summer and take it to the PAC National Meet in West Lafayette, Indiana, in July.

I'm 76 years old, don't bend the way I used to to get under a car to work on it, and don't know much about the TL suspension, anyway. I want to hire the job done if I can.

Does anyone have a recommendation of a good shop that would be qualified to work on Packard Torsion Level? I'm in northern Indiana, but I would take the car wherever to get the TL working.


Steve in Indiana

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