Re: Torsion Level Suspension 1956 400

Posted by HH56 on 2019/3/5 14:29:18
Ross would be an excellent choice but at 600 miles and 10 hrs maybe a bit far for you to drive. Were you perhaps waiting to hear from Michiana Packards in Elkhart? I just saw a Facebook post dated Sept 2018 where there was an announcement they had closed but the person making the post -- Troy maybe?? -- was still around and there would be some kind of new business in the spring. Don't know if anyone from the old business is personally taking on customers though.

I share your concern that not just anybody should be turned loose on the TL but if the problem is electrical that is not too hard to diagnose and the usual parts that fail are readily available. If there is a mechanic willing to look we could walk him thru what to check for or how to diagnose what might be wrong. If there is something mechanical wrong such as bushings needing changing or something obviously broken then that is a bit more involved.

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