Re: Torsion Level Suspension 1956 400

Posted by Marty or Marston on 2019/3/9 17:20:01
There are several post on this site about working on a TL system. My mechanic did not want to work on my TL system either. I used them to successfully diagnose the ills of my '55s problems. It turn out to be corroded electrical contacts and a bad TL limit switch. I found a NOS switch on-line, but by the time I received it I had to go in for back surgery.

If you have problems finding someone to work on it maybe if you print out trouble shooting hint on this site and show your mechanic he might be willing to give it a go.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention HH56 (Howard) as a wizard who was a wealth of information to me during my TL repair.

Good Luck and Happy Motoring.

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