Re: Torsion Level Suspension 1956 400

Posted by Mr.Pushbutton  on 2019/3/24 10:32:12
I would be concerned that the shop will not answer calls/emails.
The Torsion-Level system is fairly simple, from an electrical standpoint. Like everything else on the car, unless you have replaced the wiring harnesses you are relying on 63 year-old wiring.
The most essential thing for any shop to know is that the timing box send a GROUND to the solenoid, the pull-in coils are fed +12VDC internally, they are looking for a ground to activate.
You want a shop that is willing to study the wiring diagram, and accept and deal with the system the way it is made, not one that spends your money adapting it and dumbing it down to what they understand already.

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