Re: Shock absorbers on torsion level cars

Posted by HH56 On 2019/7/21 19:48:37
I don't know if the Monroe or Gabriels used in the past are still made or not -- but if they are, in all probability they would be less than optimum for the ride as compared to the ones Dwight listed.

I notice you wrote 343139 in your last post but the actual number is 343149. Is it possible a typo was used on the KYB site. I would also wonder if KYB would list use on a Packard since there have not been any Packards made in so many years. A lot of items known to work on Packards fall into the category of not being mentioned on company websites.

For clarity, I would suggest you drop Dwight an email via the contact link on his site and ask if there is a misprint on the number or what would be a reason other than not being a somewhat current vehicle that KYB might think they would not work. He could probably give the specs you asked about too.

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