Re: Shock absorbers on torsion level cars

Posted by Scott On 2022/10/30 18:22:43
A follow-up on shock absorbers for the '55: I finally replaced mine with good results.

For rear I used the KYB Excel-G 343042 which has extended length of 24.49", compressed length of 15.35", for a 9.13" stroke. Upper mount is stud (S1) and lower eye ring (E1).
(Alternative rear is the Gabriel 82066 which has extended length of 22.7", compressed length of 13.34", for a 9.36" stroke.)

For front, which is where the '55 is unique, I used the AC Delco Advantage 520-284 which near as I can tell is actually made by and identical to the Gabriel 82026. It has extended length of 13.42", compressed length of 8.56", for a 4.86" stroke. Upper and lower mounts are stud (S1).

Compression damping is relatively light in these shocks, with heavier rebound damping. This gives more responsive action with torsion bar suspension, allowing the suspension to absorb and transmit the shock to the other end of the bar rather than convey it to the corner of the vehicle it was received.

I can attest that the old stud shocks are not easy to remove once rusted as it's difficult to remove the nut while keeping the stud from spinning in very cramped quarters. That's the most difficult part of the job. Installation is easy, but removal of the upper studs all the way around is a bear.

The ride is improved as the old shocks had very little damping left and the wheels would hop following a sharp bump. Although occupants couldn't really feel it happening, you could hear it. They no longer do that and I expect traction and control is thus improved.

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