Re: Packard V8 possibilities

Posted by Jack Vines On 2019/8/11 10:28:41
Enthusiasm is good, but so are facts:
1. The Packard block and heads are NOT a high-nickel alloy.
2. The Cadillac crank cannot be made to fit the Packard block, because it uses a center thrust bearing; but it's a cast crank in any case.
3. The Cadillac heads cannot be made to fit the Packard block. The head bolt pattern is completely different.
4. Most 374" blocks can be bored to 4.250" and we just bored one to 4.270" for 401".
5. The very rare Packard V8 forged crankshafts can be welded and ground to 4", but the longest I've personally done is 3.875" for 427". Long strokes with stock rods hit the bottom of the cylinder bores.
6. Aftermarket rods are so inexpensive it's not cost effective to use stock rods in a race build, especially a stroker which needs the extra clearance of rods with cap screws.
7. To build a high-performance Packard with custom machine work, forged pistons, custom rods, stroker crank, roller cam, et al, figure $10,000, minimum.

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