Re: Tips/Tricks/Suggestions for replacing lifters

Posted by Jack Vines on 2019/8/16 10:18:44
Opening a can of worms, you are!

Are you just patching a problem or do you want to clean, check, fix everything While you're in there?

Replace the valve stem seals, disassemble the rocker shafts remove the end plugs and clean the interior of the shafts.

We always test the valve springs for pressure. About half are no longer as stiff as the spec.

Check the rocker arm tips for wear and regrind if necessary. Check the pushrod cups in the rocker arms. There have been a few cases of enough wear to capture the pushod and keep it from rotating.

Check your valve spring retainers for hardness. If a file easily cuts an edge, they're soft. A file will skate on the later hardened retainers. The '55 retainers were so soft, the keepers can pull through the retainer. Some may have been replaced already.

Is the oil pump still original?

jack vines

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