Re: v8 engines

Posted by HH56 On 2019/9/2 22:26:08
Packard did sell AMC engines in 55 and I believe the start of 56 until they got their own V8 into production. Not sure how much detuning was done as I believe the mechanical specs were the same as the 55 small Packard engine.

Hudson and Nash might have used different carbs which is essentially what Packard did to get a different HP from the same size engines but other than relocating the oil filter and maybe a few different bolt ons I believe the rest of the engine is essentially the same. On 55 Clippers Packard also used the blank rocker cover but with a Clipper decal.

One significant difference is Hudson and Nash used dual action fuel pumps with the aux vacuum section rather than copy Packards oil pump mounted aux vacuum source. I know the subject has been discussed but don't remember if the consensus was they used the Packard oil pump without the vacuum section or built their own pumps. The tail shaft for the Ultra was also different for the AMC cars.

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