Re: 1956 Torsion Level troubleshooting issue

Posted by HH56 on 2020/8/2 16:58:10
If you hear the solenoids clicking then the problem could be with the motor. Going on the assumption the solenoids and control switch is working but you do not hear the motor running, the first step I would do is measure the voltage at the motor to verify the solenoids are actually working and passing current to the motor.

If the motor is running but nothing changes with the level, the problem is mechanical inside the compensator assy.

If there is no motor running, because of the way the motor is wound with the two field coils connected to one another, it is a little difficult to get a good and accurate voltage reading with the wires still connected to the motor. You can try. Connect one meter lead to a frame ground and with the other lead connect it to ONE of the terminals. When the solenoid clicks on there should be 12v fed to the motor on one of the wires. As I said, the field coils are connected together inside the motor so the 12v will also be measured on the other terminal. For the most accurate reading it will be necessary to remove the wires from the motor and measure each one individually. One direction puts 12v on the brown wire and the other direction has it on the red wire.

If you have 12v at the motor then pop the brush cover off and examine the brushes to make sure they are good and the spring holders are free to push the brushes tightly against the commutator and make a good connection.

If no 12v at the motor then the solenoids are not working or the voltage from the fuse holder is not making it thru the solenoids. You would need to go back and verify the control switch is getting power, its relays are operating, and a signal is getting thru the limit switches to make the solenoids operate.

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