Re: 1956 Carribean Carburetor Heat Shield For Driver Side Needed

Posted by HH56 on 2020/11/1 16:40:39
They are Caribbean only items but I seem to recall many years ago one of the club regions was considering a repro since as O_D mentioned, often one or the other goes missing. Agree with him that they should not be too hard to make. Perhaps someone would know if the repro ever happened and which region. If no one can help with an idea on NOS or repros then finding them may be difficult since Caribbeans are so rare the parts cars are even restored so not very common.

I can't say from the view in the photo you posted but at a quick glance you might have the upper square one mounted incorrectly on the right side of your carbs. There is nothing terribly special about either one of them although the upper would be the harder one to make because the mounting point is a tab stamped out of the center of the metal and bent outward. The stamping might prove difficult to do in a home shop but welding or brazing on a tab could work. The lower one is just flat sheetmetal with a couple of bends and holes at the top. The mounting tabs could be bent out from easy to access and work metal on the bottom edge. With a drawing showing the dimensions and a couple of photos, if you could not make it yourself a sheetmetal shop probably could make a fair repro.

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