Re: 1955 Caribbean top material

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2021/2/1 21:15:51
West perhaps try searching again, there has been so much written about these tops. Also consider speaking with Eric Haartz and Leon Dixon. The link below by Leeedy will give you info on the original top construction, which is NLA. But premade top kits with a reasonably correct external appearance are available from several top makers who have accurate patterns, Bill Hirsch is one of several agents for these makers. Elektron and E-Z are two that come to mind. I bought my '56 top from EZ via Bill Hirsch and it was excellent, just being replaced after 20+ years. But note these tops will not have the colored inner layer to match the center paint color though there has been plenty published about attempts to simulate that feature though to my knowledge none have been particularly satisfactory.

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