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Posted by Leeedy on 2022/4/6 20:35:41

West Peterson wrote:
Can someone measure the back plastic window on the top? It seems that Electron's window size is way too big. Their catalog says they will make it any size, but I need to know what the correct size is.

I'm am taking your advice and ordering the light colored liner. Thanks.

Measuring the rear window opening and checking the appearance ought to be very, very, very easy. This is because the lowest-mile, nearly NOS 1955 Caribbean purchased new by Howard Hughes still exists and WAS unmolested, the last I knew of it.

Where is this Caribbean today? It was donated recently to the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio. How do you get to see the beautiful original color-lined top and measure the rear window? Well. Here's the rub (in more ways than one). You can see the car with the top down... just like any other 1955 Caribbean you might see in a display or a museum. But seeing the top? Well. That's another story.

Last I knew, the one, most pristine, unmolested, all-original 1955 Caribbean top was un-seeable. Why? Because the museum did the very typical today thing that novices do. They immediately sucked the top down and left it that way. And that was that. To anyone who really knows convertibles and vintage convertible tops... a nightmare. Aside from being the absolute worst thing that could be done to this particular original Orlon top (it was formerly always displayed with the top UP), you can't see and measure the rear window opening.

But here is (or at least was) your best example... with the rear hiked up and the top buttoned down...

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