Re: 1956 400 Ultramatic Transmission Questions

Posted by R H on 2021/2/24 20:27:38
My 400.

Which is modified. But. in D. My first shift is firm. Then the 2nd going into DD. Direct drive. Is smooth.

The first shift. At that sometimes people would get flare. Then it would go into DD.

Flare to me is that the first shift isn't holding.

The cause. You can look in service letters.

But Ross can figure it out. But... Pressure test will come up. So if your inclined. Buy about 6 gauges and make a test gauge..

My dad ran lines from trans to under the left fender he had gauges on clear plexiglass fit outside by wiper. So he could drive and see the pressures.

Lines are capped off .. When not in use...

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