1956 Torsion Level Question

Posted by Andrew M On 2021/2/24 20:26:49
The torsion level on my 56 400 has worked fine since I bought it until today. It still works, but seems to have a problem. When you push down on the rear, it picks itself up fine with no problem. It waits about 10 seconds or so and then comes up. However when it goes back down, it waits about the same time and starts to go down. It will go down about 2 inches then stop. Then it will go down about another inch and stop. Then it will go down a little more and stop. Each time it stops, it will take a second or so for it to start back. It will make the clicking noise when the motor engages several times when lowering down. It will do this until it gets to where it is supposed to sit and then stop when it is done as usual. I am wondering if something might have a loose connection?

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