Re: 1956 Torsion Level Question

Posted by Jim L. in OR On 2021/2/24 22:20:51
My '55 Patrician will do that if I haven't driven it for some time. After driving it regularly, it calms down.

So far (small delay while finding a piece of wood to knock on) so good.

I have had mine for 10 years now and I have had less trouble with it than almost any other car I've owned - including new ones.

Everything thing still works including the radio and the clock, although the clock and the gas gauge have been getting a touch erratic. I have had offers from total strangers to "clean my clock" but so far I have been able to do it for myself

As for the gas gauge, I need to get a new combination Ohm and Volt tester, but first the holidays, an ankle injury and then cold weather followed by the recent snow and Silver Thaw (an Ice Storm for you non Oregonians) have put that on hold.

As for the Ice Storm, the '55 and the '51 200 Deluxe (barely) are fine. Unfortunately two carports didn't as witnessed by my '75 Continental Mark IV and '51 Patrician.

I was able to get to the Mark IV but not, as yet to the '51 Pat.

Where is this "Boredom in retirement" I've heard people tell of. I could do with a little.

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