Re: 1956 Accelerator Relay Lever Bushing

Posted by HH56 on 2021/4/6 20:33:47
If Steele does not have it I doubt anyone else will either. You might be able to find something that would work in a modern grommet although I doubt any have as large a thin flange side diameter as the Packard item. McMaster-Carr has some grommets you might be able to make work. Check out grommets style 5, 7, or 8 and see if any of the dimensions will fit the metal hole and the thickness of the metal.

If no one has a better complete relay assy and no modern grommet can be found that is usable, if the old grommet can be removed in reasonably decent shape to use as a pattern, you could make repairs with clay or bondo then make a plaster or silicone mold of the original. After that it would be a matter of casting a few new exact copies out of urethane rubber.

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