Re: stop light switch

Posted by hemlock On 2021/7/6 13:15:41
Just got my Caribbean back from body/paint shop. Before I brought it to the shop, I had installed a 2 prong brake light switch & 5 pin relay. Brake lights worked fine, as did t/l. I had cut wires to original 3 prong switch & connected the blue wire from relay connection #30 into the purple wire from 7.5 amp fuse, black wire from connection #85 into the dk. green wire from brake lights, and red wire from connection 87a into lt. green wire for t/l switch, white wire from connection 86 to clean ground. Didn't connect yellow wire from connection #87 to anything. I believe this is all done as per instructions from my previous post. As I drove car to body shop, my wife was following to bring me home, and she said brake lights worked fine, but signals were doing strange things [not sure exactly what, but weren't working as they should]. Inside the car, when I would put signal light on, indicator on dash would light but no flash. Car is now home- no signal lights and no indicator lights working. Fuse & flasher both seem to be ok. This may have nothing to do with installing new 2 prong switch & relay, but signal lights had always worked fine before. Any ideas?

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