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Posted by HH56 on 2022/6/5 13:30:02
If you find there is no power, or at the best, intermittent power going to the relay or the reverse lights and the inline connectors or plastic plug terminals at the base of the column where the wires exit to the engine compartment are good, there are a couple of known issues with PB assys that could be causing a problem.

One is the wire U shaped clip on the end of the PB shaft can burn or wear and another is the leaf fingers can weaken or break off entirely due to metal fatigue with the repeated flexing. The damage happens right at the sharp 90 degree bend where the vertical portion attaches to the fiber insulation board.

I don't know if Mr Pushbutton had the clips or contacts repro'd. If he did not, as far as I know there are no repairs that can be made on the original contacts that will last very long. Options are to find a NOS or at least a better used PB assy or eliminate the contacts completely and change over to microswitches. I think Riki has some photos on his Ultramatic blog showing the microswitch conversion.

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