Re: 1955 Horn Button removal

Posted by HH56 On 2021/6/7 18:24:53
The emblem is normally held only by friction provided by the O ring. While it is snug it usually will come out with some gentle tugging. HOWEVER, there is a dense foam rubber block for a cushion under the emblem. There should be a piece of a wax like paper between the cushion and emblem but if the emblem was off and the paper was left out at some point then if the old rubber has deteriorated and turned soft it is almost like melted rubber and a very good glue.

If that has happened there is not much you can do except use something soft like a stiff wood or plastic object under the emblem and try to GENTLY pry it loose at a few spots. Wider objects will spread the load over more surface and minimize chances of a piece of the emblem edge chipping off but there are no guarantees.

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