Re: 1955 Horn Button removal

Posted by Scott On 2021/6/7 19:07:08

HH56 wrote:
See if you can get the end of an application tube from a spray can of WD-40 at a few spots in the crack and give it a couple of liberal squirts. Use a rag wrapped around the area to try and keep it from spraying all over the place or dripping on the upholstery. Maybe do this a couple of times over a few hours and then try the gentle prying. WD-40 is often used to soften adhesives on painted surfaces so it is very gentle and should not affect paint or even the plastic emblem like other solvents can. If you wanted you could try it in a hidden spot on the steering column just to make sure there is no paint damage.

I tried silicone spray with the tube/straw but that didn't seem to help. I'll keep working at it.

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