Re: 1955 Horn Button removal

Posted by Scott On 2021/6/7 20:13:01
Found my set of trim removal tools which are a very hard plastic and was able to use them as wedges to break it free without breaking off a lip.

The O-ring was only partially in the groove and the horn button must have been forced in. Consequently the O-ring was deformed.

After removal of the wheel I was able to lubricate the upper steering shaft bearing, which was my goal. It had high stiction which made driving it annoying as you couldn't use gentle pressure to keep the car in a straight line, but it would break free in opposing directions leading to erratic driving.

I had to use the tool to work the deformed O-ring into the groove along with a light film of silicone grease as the button went in to get it seated properly but mission accomplished.

Thanks for the help. I've had the '48-'50's apart many times (the button is a press and turn) but never before the '55-'56 so wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong.

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