Re: 1956 Packard Executive in France

Posted by ewrecks on 2021/6/23 15:14:56
PJ- Nice looking car. There are a goodly number of suppliers who offer parts for the 1956 Paxkard here in the US. I am not sure whether they offer international service.
I would suggest doing( or having someone do) a thorough inspection of the mechanicals to determine what you are going to need since it will be far simpler to secure as many of the parts for one shipment than having to deal with multiple orders.
I just gifted some weatherstrip clips to a fellow restorer in Canada and had to complete a customs declaration.
You might wish to contact Kanter Auto Products in Boonton NJ ( 973) 939- 0914 and extension 312 for Bill in the Packard Departmemt.
They have a catalog available for the 55-56 models that they will supply. They may be able to give you some idea of the shipping and other glitches of getting parts from the US.
They offer engine parts including rebuild kits as well as all parts for the braking and exhaust systems.
There are smaller suppliers like Max Merritt, Tucson Packard, Mike Dulinski , John Ulrich and others listed in the vendor section.
I think the windshield may be the hardest part to secure since new glazing is hard to find.
Good luck

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