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Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/24 17:37:51
You will need to remove the entire cluster from the dash. All of the glass is held by a retainer ring which is in turn held in the cluster by bent over tabs on the front of the cluster. Straighten the tabs to remove the retainer ring and glass from the cluster then remove the glass from the retainer.

As to finding a new piece I suspect it will be buying a cluster off a parts car if you want original. That being said, it appears the glass is an ordinary flat glass circle with a hole in the middle. If you have your old piece and it is still good enough for a pattern you can probably have one made at a glass shop.

Getting the center piece back in the new glass may take some ingenuity. There is a small pin that looks delicate and appears to be part of the cast center piece. On the end of the pin is a plastic grommet like piece which actually goes in the hole in the glass. The pin appears to be either peened over to retain the plastic or maybe the plastic was molded over the pin. At any rate the peened over part needs to be removed so the plastic can come off the pin and then replaced on the pin once the center piece is on the glass. Depending on how it comes apart glue might be needed to hold things together in the new glass.

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