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Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/24 20:30:03
Your bezel suffers from the broken ear syndrome that is becoming increasingly common these days and in its current state is unusable. You will need to find another in better condition. NOS are starting to be extinct and even good used are getting scarce and starting to be expensive.

A few years ago I devised a repair kit for the broken ears and gave a few kits away. They did the job but were tedious to make and a bit fussy to install. I made a couple of versions but lost interest in the project and never pursued making some more needed changes. Don't have the eyesight or interest in working on them anymore.

If anyone wants to make something to replace the broken hooks so the scarce bezels can be reused instead of thrown away be my guest because I seriously doubt any new bezels will be produced anytime soon.

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