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Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/25 9:03:50

BH wrote:
Download and read the PDF from the link at the end of Howard's post and you'll see that he took just such an approach.

I made and gave away 8 or 10 kits to people who posted that their bezels had broken and offered to try the repair. Didn't get any feedback so no idea how many actually tried the kit or had difficulty installing it or just found another bezel. Now that photos of one repair method are posted maybe someone could have a better solution.

The ign switch has a relatively close fit inside the bezel and there is no room for a ring strong enough to withstand the spring pressure to go inside. Because of the close tolerance with the hole in the dash there is no room for anything to be permanently attached on the outside and then get the bezel back into position.

The ring I made goes over the outside and clips to the bezel after the bezel is positioned back in the dash. The ring holds metal blocks that with their thickness works out to the finished ID equaling approximately the thickness and ID of the bezel. The blocks slide inside the bezel filling the space where the hooks used to be.

Cutting, notching, holding and soldering the tiny blocks to the ring at the proper spot is the tedious part with my approach. If someone could come up with a better or faster way to do that part and then if some kind of easy to install ready made clip in a size that could hold the ring to the bezel could be found making or assembling a kit to fix the broken hooks would be fairly easy -- although still a fussy install because of the drilling and needing to work behind the dash.

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