Re: Starter Switch Bezel

Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/25 12:58:09

cortes121 wrote:
What about 3D printing the piece, or silicone molds to recast it?

I tried the silicone with both plastic and a low melting temp metal but with gravity casting the ring thickness and detail needed with the notch on the blocks is in too small a space to completely fill consistently without air entrapment. Maybe a pressure injection would work but I didn't have that capability.

As to the 3D printing, that might be a very good option. I am not sure what is available in plastic that would be strong enough so would probably need to be done in metal. It would take finding a facility that has the equipment and willing to do a relatively small quantity. An initial outlay of time and $$ to get a cad program built would be needed but after that it should be a relatively inexpensive and painless production. Finding a facility or individual with equipment and willing to do it might be the hardest part.

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