Re: Someone hooked the battery up backwards / new member 55 Clipper Deluxe

Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/27 21:16:01
If the car is otherwise stock, nothing is polarity sensitive so no damage will have been done.

If the radio has had the vibrator replaced with one of the modern solid state replacements that could have been damaged if the radio was on. The only other solid state replacement I am aware of that is available for a 55 would be the torsion level switch. It seems to be an unanswered question if the solid state switch replacements are polarity sensitive so damage there is unknown. Since you have a 55 Deluxe the car should have conventional springs so the switch would not be present. Any aftermarket items that could have been installed are also unknowns.

Many have switched the polarity on purpose in order to run modern electronics like a GPS or a phone charger that need negative ground to be able to power them using the cigar lighter sockets.

If it was switched on purpose, the two things that might need checking again on the Clipper would be make sure the wiring connection to the coil has the proper terminal going to ground -- If positive ground the + terminal would go to the distributor. The coil will work if wired backwards but the spark is better if wired correctly. Repolarizing the generator would also be needed if changed back to positive ground.

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