Re: Someone hooked the battery up backwards / new member 55 Clipper Deluxe

Posted by humanpotatohybrid on 2021/7/27 22:01:14
Well that is reassuring to hear. One of the previous owners clipped the spark plug wires and some other wires (presumably to make it harder to steal?) so I wouldn't be surprised if something is messed up in the ignition circuit because I tried to crank it yesterday (jumped off a full battery but hooked up backwards) and the starter motor did absolutely nothing so I probably gotta check the wiring to that. I do have the schematics. The cabin fan does not work, the radio also does not work but I doubt anyone has ever messed with it. Of note is that I've never checked the fuses, so.... As far as I'm aware the ignition circuitry is not even fused but it's a possible explanation for other things. And you're correct that the '55 C/D does not have TLR suspension. Let me know if you have any questions btw. :)

Edit: One thing is that there is (apparently) an interlock switch for the starter where you can only start in Park. Is it common for these switches to fail? Or is it very rarely a problem? If you happen to have a guess... I noticed that the back-up lamps don't light when I'm in reverse, but it could be some snipped wires again.

Also, someone spliced onto the battery ground and wire 17-Y in the schematic (off the resistor) but they now lead nowhere. Food for thought... no idea what that would be for.

Edit 2: It's to start the engine while in the hood. Didn't see the spice on the schematic before...

Edit 3: If anyone has a '55 or '56 C/D I would appreciate a picture of any wiring harnesses running thru the firewall, photo taken from the engine side of course. Someone snipped a bunch of mine and it would be very helpful as a cross-reference to the schematic.

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