Re: Someone hooked the battery up backwards / new member 55 Clipper Deluxe

Posted by humanpotatohybrid on 2021/8/9 22:35:41
Update: I got all of the cylinders topped up with Diesel fuel and I'm planning to leave it like that for about a month.

I noticed some more electrical quirks:
1) There are two yellow wires that run off the same resistor terminal. The wiring diagram only has one (17-Y); the other runs over by the generator and is disconnected...
2) There is a dark green wire separate from any wiring harness that runs into the engine bay from the Acc terminal on the starter switch into the (looking from front of car) right top side of the engine bay, it was clipped off. Note that I don't mean 34-DK.G., but they are indeed attached to the same terminal.
3) Speaking of Dark Green, my "Main Rear Harness Connector" seems to be missing the wire 33-DK.G. which is for the back-up lamps. Does anyone know if back-up lamps were or weren't standard on all 1955's? My taillights do have the white back-up lenses but I've not checked (I'm not sure I know how) to see if there are bulbs wired up.

This is more of a "food for thought" post as none of this stuff is remotely important right now, but if you have any thoughts feel free to add.

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