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Posted by humanpotatohybrid on 2021/8/10 10:23:19
So my wiring has a slight case of both the rodent chews and wire cutter snippage. The situation is:

- On the neutral/reverse switch, I have 2 browns and ONE dk green, snipped off. I already have the browns figured out but I don't see a dark green anywhere, let alone two. That's not all she wrote though: I have a dk green and dark blue disconnected near the coil, pretty sure those went to the oil pressure and water temp sensors.

- Aside from the dk green accessory wire mentioned previously, I only have one dk green running thru the firewall (assuming every wire is running thru in that one spot) and I don't have any snipped ones under the dash. You may wonder how my stop lamp switch works if that be the case, and it's because they used a lt green wire for 9-DK.G., no idea why...

Attached is the back of the car (looks like it has back up lenses) and a picture of the two under-dash wiring harnesses. Dk green is conspicuously absent from the one on the left.

FYI to anyone reading, electrical schematics are Page 51-53 here ... 556/Sect08_Electrical.pdf

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