Re: Removing Ultramatic Governors - Special Tool?

Posted by Bob E. on 2021/8/3 0:15:41
Partial Update:

I removed, cleaned and reinstalled both governors. The low speed governor counter flyweight was intact. They were easy to get to with a socket extension and allen wrench socket. Even easier since I removed the control assembly.

I did notice that the part on the manual valve shaft that pushes the parking pawl into place into it's gear was damaged and therefore won't rotate with the shaft. This would explain why shifter in Park position doesn't prevent the car from rolling. I think I will just leave it as is for now as this can be dealt with by using hand brake and is what some regulars here recommend anyway to avoid the 'stuck in park' situation.

Looking at the Low speed brake unit, there is some shiny metal indicating some dynamic wear on it. Not sure how that happens, as I don't know what could be touching that.
Since the low and reverse brakes are now out, should I bother to take apart and clean them??
I was surprised that the low one just slides off the tubes with little friction. The reverse one seems to be tighter on the connecting tubes.

I plan on taking apart the three valve bodies and cleaning them out since I can. More to come.

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