Re: Removing Ultramatic Governors - Special Tool?

Posted by Bob E. on 2021/9/11 20:57:42
Hi, I thought I'd share an update.

I took the 3 control valve bodies apart, cleaned and reinstalled. I did not touch the throttle pressure screw. No apparent difference.

Spent a lot of time trying to get the throttle linkage properly adjusted. The lever at the transmission has been there a while and the tightening around the gear points on the shaft from the transmission created distinct grooves where the lever attaches. The result is that I can't just move the lever a little, I can only rotate the lever to the next "worn in detent". This means the lever is either a tad too far counter clockwise (rearward) or too clockwise. This puts my adjustment point on the carb linkage to the very front of the linkage threaded shaft or so far aft that it won't work.

I left it at the full CCW position since if it is just rotated off the stop the linkage can be assembled at the forwardmost travel near the carb.
Based on other posts by Ross, this seems to be about right.

When I drive: 'D seems to be fine.
D': even with light pedal pressure it usually shifts L-H around 35-40 mph with a very pronounced (heard and felt) clunk. Then very soon after that a subtle 'shift' to what must be Direct Drive as acceleration is then smooth, solid and increased (consistent with Howard's write ups on how it is supposed to work).

I was able to hook up a single pressure gauge to the transmission and separately measured pressures for the Front Pump, High Range Clutch, and Governor tests as per the "Pressure Test Forms, 55th Series" listed in the SM.

The front pump pressures are low as compared to expected values and the governor pressures don't make sense to me..

ANY suggestions would be super helpful as to what to do next, what can be adjusted etc.

(S/B = “Should be” from 55 Series Ultramatic Pressure Test Forms)

Front Pump Pressure (1)

@ ~400rpm (Idle)
(Should be: 80-110psi)
P 22 psi
N 75-80
‘D 60
D’ 65-70
L 65-70
R 65-70

‘D 10-15mph: 180-200, (S/B 150-170)

D’ Full throttle after shift to H: 120 (S/B: 80-100)

High Range Clutch (2)
(S/B <10psi above Pump Pressure above)

‘D @400rpm: 40psi (P.P. 60 from above)
‘D 10-15mph: 95psi(P.P. 180-200 from above)

D’ @400 rpm: 0 (S/B 0)
D’ @ 20mph: 0 (in Low gear, didn’t shift yet)

Governor (7) D’
13mph 20-25 (S/B 15-18)
28mph 30-50 (S/B 35-40)
56mph 20-25 (S/B 62-69)

NOTE: Thanks BigKev for helping me format this properly.

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