Re: Removing Ultramatic Governors - Special Tool?

Posted by Bob E. on 2021/9/17 13:57:23
Thanks for the advice. The lever isn't rotating on the shaft, it stays put. The surface of the lever that goes around the trans shaft has been tightened down so much that there are now grooves that match the gear teeth on the shaft. So it is not possible to move the lever just a little bit unless I ream out the hole in the lever etc. Maybe that is the only recourse or try to find one that doesnt have these deep grooves.

The pressures confuse me since the pump pressures are lower than the form expected values at idle, but higher while driving. This is probably why the High speed Clutch pressures exceed expected while driving, but the governor pressures don't seem to correspond. I did clean both governors and ensure the weights were intact and easily moved.

thanks again for the response.

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