Posted by sanddoc on 2021/8/1 8:39:55
Well Ca is at it again. Now I don't know the
names right off, but the state is trying to
force the Chrome industry to use
a different type of chrome, that is more
smokey then bluish that we have now..
Ca. is down to just 32 chrome shops left out
of hundreds... This is just and FYI
What I was really posting about is Chrome
platting on my 56
My diver side upper grill was broken at the end
when I bought the car way back in the last
century.. 1988 or so
Shortly after I found another sitting on a corner
lot in real bad condition. I bought it for a parts
car, I soon sold the front clip and made a nice
profit. So decades later I'm getting back into
my 56, and was looking for that upper grill
but not a the price I've been quoted. I'm also
doing a roofing job on my garage, and I was cleaning
up around the garage, and there was the piece
I wanted. such luck
I used vinegar to clean it, then washed it
then I used rubbing compound, then polishing
compound, the wax. (Turttle)
Now I don't know if that piece had been rechromed
before I do know the front bumper had been
But the grill piece looks like it came out of
the factory yesterday I could take a photo
and show you, but it would probably not show
very well..
I am just amazed how the chrome held up
so well..
I do see 2 small pin holes that seem to have
been filled with chrome.
I've done a lot of reading on chrome lately
I wonder how many of our chrome shops
use the 2 nicklel process? I don't think my shop
does, but when I go to pick up my pieces there
I am going to ask... For they money we pay
here in Ca I want what is suppose to be the
proper process..

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